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With its stunning limestone mountain peaks, Kanchanaburi can be very charming for a drive, offering a lot of enjoyments and excitements while passing through its scenic country and, when being on an off road, tough terrains in the hilly and forested areas. Due to its natural beauty and wild attributes, Kanchanaburi already becomes a well established and famous destination for auto venture for both foreign and Thai visitors.

The province known for rivers and forests offers you a fantastic experience of driving while being on its cross-country roads through local farms, paved roads with stunning mountain views and off-the beaten tracks snaking along the mountainous terrain. Finally, enjoy an ultimate cruising further into the deep jungle of wild west Thailand.

Routes suggested:

• Kanchanaburi-Tong Papoom-Kanchanaburi
Very scenic, offering a fabulous view of the River Kwai Valley with splendid limestone mountain range all the way through. The middle part of the route into the natural forest through the mountainous terrain is most difficult, particularly in the rainy season, and known as the toughest one for off-road driving in Kanchanaburi. A forest jungle camp by the stream in the middle of nowhere can be a nice place for picnic lunch or any sort of break before continuing a journey to Tong Papoom town on a dirt track and then paved road with a magnificent lake view.

• Kanchanabur-Pilok-Kanchanaburi (or to Burma with prior permission)
The first half of the route is the same as above until it reaches Tong Papoom town (literally means Golden Mountain Cliff), offering a fabulous view of the River Kwai Valley with splendid limestone mountain range. The more snaking route to Pilok provides a spectacular view of rolling mountains and lush forests, leading to a former mine village along the border of Thailand and Burma. In the rainy season (May-Oct) and cool season (Nov-Jan) it is very misty and can be cold. The small village offers a great scene of local lifestyle and also sells goods from Burma including jewery.

• Kanchanaburi-Srinakarin Lake- Srisawat-Bo Ploi-Kanchanaburi
Approximate 180 kms. for round-trip driving, cross the lake by ferry at some points, the middle of the route is a dirt track running into the national parks, providing a spectacular view of mountains and dense forests over the horizon. En route, there are excellent view points and attractions, including the Taan Lod NP’s famous cave and waterfalls.



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