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There are 2 ways in getting access to Kanchanaburi, either by train or by car. If you fancy the idea of going by train, you need to approximately spend 5 hours on an extremely slow train with very frequent stops en route to reach Kanchanaburi. While it takes only 2 hours by public bus to get to the town which is about 125 kms. due west of the capital. Air-conditioned buses are available and leave the Southern Bus Station in Bangkok every 15 minutes with the first one at 04.00 am and the last one at 0900 pm.

Kanchanaburi town centre is the last stop of the route. If you arrive the town centre, we can arrange the meeting with you and pick you up from there, or you can take a tricycle or a local truck (better know as Song Taew in Thai) to our office.

Alternatively, transfer by air-conditioned van between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi can be arranged by us. For more details, please look at the transfer service section.

Useful instructions in Thai - For you to print out

1. To communicate with or show to taxi drivers and Thai people in Bangkok

ไปสายใต้ (Pai Saai Taai) = Go to the Southern Bus station
ซื้อตั๋วไปเมืองกาญจน์ (Sue Tua Pai Muang Kaan) = Buy a ticket to Kanchanaburi

2. To communicate with or show to taxi drivers once you arrive Kanchanaburi.

กรุณาไปส่งฉันที่บริษัททัวร์ จัมโบ้ ด้านหลังป่าช้าอังกฤษ (ดอนรัก)
Please take me to Jumbo Tour behind the Donrak war cemetery.

If there is anything that we can help, please contact us at 034-514906, 01-7637413 or fax. 034-514771.


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