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What is R.S.P. Jumbo Travel Centre?

R.S.P. is an abbreviation of Rare, Service and Professional. This reflects our philosophy in providing clients a real service by a team of professional persons who runs local-based tourism activities with great competence.

Since it was established in 1991, the centre has developed itself to be the NO. 1 Tour Operator in Kanchanaburi which is most highly recognised by all sectors at provincial level. It has also been well respected as the River Kwai Tailor-Made Destination Management Expert by both Bangkok-based and some of overseas travel agents. Its legal status is proven by a License No. 13/024 issued by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). It has been an active member of TEATA (Thai Eco-Tourism and Adventure Travel Association) since the association was established some six years ago.

The team of young people is currently led by Jumbo Chatupornpaisan, who is regarded as the most veteran tour operator in Kanchanaburi. Apart from being the professional tour operator, Jumbo has also been the chairperson of Kanchanaburi Local Tour Operator Club (KLTOC) and vice-president of Kanchanaburi Western Forest Conservation Forum under the Royal Forest Department.


What is our goal?

As the leading tour operator and the tailor-made destination management expert in Kanchanaburi, our long-term aim is:

“To develop ourselves to be a leading local-based tourism operator which is highly recognised among travel agencies from both governmental and private sectors at all levels.”

We run tourism activities by taking into consideration following basic principles:

- Nature and culture-based tourism that brings least negative impacts to natural and cultural environment, including people’s way of life.

- Community involvement in tourism that has generated benefits to local people.

- Maximising the potential benefits and minimizing the negatives brought by tourism.

- Collaboration with all stakeholders to promote local-based tourism so as to develop Employment opportunities at the local level.

- Contribution to natural and cultural conservation when and where appropriate.


What have we been providing to our clients?

We are the first one who introduced elephant trekking tourism to Kanchanaburi. Over the last dozen of years, we have also developed a wide range of activities to satisfy our clients.


A Variety of tour packages currently available from JUMBO:

- Nature, Adventure and Culture-based tourism,
- Community-based programmes,
- Leisure Cruise on the River Kwai and Mae Klong,
- Unique Night Theme Party at exotic venues,
- Lunch Themes at different places,
- Military and rally-based team-building,
- Youth packages and eco-camp,
- Health & Meditation retreat,
- Off-road driving and self-drive on scenic routes,
- Home Stay at traditional Thai villages,
- Volunteer tourism,
- Special Interests (bird watching, wild elephant discovery, mountainbiking, Thai cooking), and
- Golfing in Kanchanaburi and its neighbours


Other services currently available:

- Transfer service by A/C van, coach, local truck, tricycle and boat
- 4X4WD vehicle rent for self-driving
- Accommodation booking throughout Kanchanaburi
- Charter guide

Most of the activities above involve local people in running their local-based tourism from which they can gain benefits by making use of their natural and cultural resources in a way that allows sustainable tourism development.


What is our “target”?

As the programmes we create are fairly unique and available at reasonable price, they thus become attractive to a wide range of visitors, from FITs, incentive to corporate groups.

All programmes are generally designed for those at all ages, no matter whether they are Thai or foreigner, who find themselves attach to nature, culture and adventurous activities. Our clients, however, are mainly foreign visitors of whom European nationals share the largest number.


What does our performance count?

- Since 1997, we have been given a trust to run an excursion trip for the customers of the Eastern & Oriental Express (E&O), the world’s most luxurious train that brings its tourists from Singapore to Thailand, or vice versa, to visit Kanchanaburi, the most well known place related to WWII.

- We are well recognised by quite a few travel agencies in Bangkok who select us as their local land operator in Kanchanaburi.

- We are a well recognised collaborator of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) based in Kanchanaburi. Over the past years, we have contributed to tourism promotion of the province by jointly organising with TAT such special events as Kanchanaburi Adventure Year 1995, Visit Kanchanaburi Year1997, Aiyara Party(Elephant Party) and Kachanaburi Classic Evening 2000.

- Having jointly organised an annual training course on professional tour guide with TAT and Kanchanaburi Vocational College for the last 3 years.

- The Winner of Thailand Tourism Awards 2002 (Thai Village Biking was granted the Otstanding Performance Inbound Tour Programme)


Why consider us?

There is only one simple reason for this. It is because you really need to touch Kanchanaburi in a way as it has really been through an arrangement of the team with great competence in their job based on the principles that enhance local-based tourism which is expected to bring economic development at the local level.


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